Started: July 11, 2014
Challenge Ends: September 2, 2014
A Little About Me:

I have been working in the field of health care, advocacy and social work for about 10 years, and volunteering in Kenya doing the same sort of work since 1999.  I have volunteered on a number of projects, and even spear-headed some of my own: from working with AIDS Orphans, Women, Community Mobilization around HIV/AIDS Education, Prevention and Testing, Gender Empowerment Work, Violence Prevention, Young Men's Groups and Youth Empowerment and Recreational Groups. I am quite dedicated to trying to live within an anti-oppression easy feat! I am also the proud mama of a little vibrant and energetic toddler, who has brightened and busied my life greatly! I am a yoga teacher, and believe sincerely in the healing power of yoga and meditation for all that ails us, and making yoga accessible for all. And i spend as much time as possible in Nature- hiking, camping, canoeing, walking....and understand thatand rejuvenates nature is the balm that heals the wounded and tired spirit.

My Challenge:

52 Days of Goodness: 52 days of yoga practise for AT LEAST  1 hour each day -  as well as being open to other opportunities of 'Goodness' that come my way! I am a single mama of a busy, 21 month old toddler, and work in social work, advocacy and addictions; AND manage and fundraise for a youth empowerment project in Kenya. WHEW! This keeps me very busy, so busy in fact, that I often don't make time for things like self-care or personal stuff.  Ergo: 52 Days of Goodness! A challenge to create time everyday to ground and restore and recharge.  I also intend to join  fellow Yodeller Mike Kent on a few of his summits in his "30 Peaks in 30 Days" Challenge, with a baby on my back!  All pledges for my 52 Days of Goodness will go to the Kukua Pamoja Project- a youth empowerment project that offers free recreational programming, such as music, dance, acrobatics and yoga as well as preventative health programming to children and youth living in the slums east of Nairobi, Kenya.

This Challenge Is Important To Me Because:

This challenge is important to me on a number of levels. First, both parents, and those working in social work, rarely look after themselves.  We exist in the culture of busy and stress. I hope to bring the importance of this slowing down, pausing and cultivating goodness to my own life, as well as model it to my peers. Second, since having my son, I have struggled to keep up with the fundraising needs of KP.  Offering these programs to youth in Nairobi is hugely important to me, and i sincerely believe in the magic and opportunity that arts based programming can offer. I am keenly aware of the enormous privledges I, and now my son have simply by being born in Canada- free healthcare, free schooling, clean water, safe and secure environments, accessible opportunities.  We are born having a chance.   I am dedicated to working to offer these universal human rights - rights we often take for granted- to others who may not have ready advocates. KP is one path towards this worthy goal.